Unexpectedly, loved it

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Unexpectedly, I loved it

I often find I cannot resonate with historical fiction that well, 'A prince and a spy, however, broke an internal record.
Written in such a way you'd think you're reading a rather interesting history book, most historical fictions can't really 'hook' you on to the book. Rory Clements however keeps you engaged whilst simultaneously keeping the wonderful informational part of the book we all love.
The book keeps this wonderful feeling of you knowing what's happening yet the mystery stays there.
While the nazi part of the book, at first, had me sceptical. But keeping an open mind I kept on reading. My only regret of reading the book is that I won't be able to read it for the first time again.
Im excited to see more from Rory as his writing skills is spectacular and it shows how much effort is put in to this wonderful book.