The Nations Rations

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Jean Fullerton yet again delivers . This is another episode in the Brogan family as this time Cathy takes the spot light to show the loyal and loving family values. This book bases on the tetchy relationship between herself and her mother in law over her violent and traitor husband Stanley. Cathy's marriage is not a happy one and you cannot help but hope for happiness for her when you see how well she gets on with Sergeant Archie McIntosh of the Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Squad who comes to lodge in her house so that Cathy can feed herself and her little boy Peter, as money is tight and her mother in law keeps a tight hold of the purse strings . The book has a lovely historical feel and Jean has yet again done her research well into the timings and events around the setting of this historical period . The cover also depicts the fashion hairstyle and pram and gives a lovely setting to the novel.