Not my genre of choice

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As with all the previous first impressions that I have read of this author's work - I find her style of writing pleasant and easy enough to read, I'm just not taken with the genre.
I do enjoy historical fiction, but I think that it is just the love and relationships part of this series that makes me disinterested in reading any further.

I haven't actually read all of the previous books in the series, and I think it might be better if I had - the problem is that I'm not sure that I want to spend the time reading them all; there are just far too many other books that I want to read...and frankly just not enough time to justify spending time reading books that I'm just not that interested in reading.

The cover is apt, and seems to fit with the story and period of time (as have all the covers in the series), but it wouldn't catch my eye in a library or bookshop.