Absolutely fantastic

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Having already read a couple of the Ration Book series I was really hoping for bug things with this one....

I wasn’t disappointed!!!

What an amazing read. I love how the author seemingly with utter ease transports the reader back to pre post war Britain - I genuinely am amazed as the detail within each of the Series books, just little details that for most readers might be skimmed over, but actually make the stories so bloomin fantastic.

This particular book didn’t disappoint with twists, turns and unexpectedness.

The characters are quickly relatable and cleverly written.

As for the scene setting - wow! Some of the best descriptive writing I’ve read for along time.

The cover of this book as a distinct feel of The Ration Book series, and I love it! It gives the potential reader just enough of a glimpse as to what is to come.

I would highly recommend this book.