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Caroline appears to have it all; the looks, the handsome husband, a beach house, swanky city apartment, on trend clothes & a nice car. But what happens when it all falls to pieces one evening!

We are given both Caroline & Aiden's perspectives about the same events; which is being truthful? Do we have some manipulation at play? Which one is to be believed, both, neither?
These are the types of books I absolutely love, because as in real life, there are two sides to a story & then there is the truth!

This is a book full of twists and turns, paced perfectly to keep the reader engaged.
Like a good movie, I like my books to keep me guessing, to have me questioning whether I do have the ending figured out, or whether a red herring will rear its head and have me like "omg." This book is one of those that had me reading the last page with a shocked expression.