Disturbing but interesting

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3.5 stars for the story, that extra 0.5 for the good writing.

When I saw the book, I was fascinated by the cover because it seemed very cool. I was even more intrigued by the plot, so I had to claim it in Readers First.
After a bit of a struggle of getting it out of my post box, I started reading it immediately.
The book itself is not very scary or horrifying, but disturbing because you are not quite sure what the hell is happening, but want to know what happens next. This book made me feel the same as when I watched those speculative documentaries on children who had memories "from their past lives", a bit troubled by the story but curious.
Other than book a good horror book, it looked at grief and how families deal with it, which is essentially what Black Mamba is based on. There is a lot that plays in the story and you are given quite some detail about it, but more in depth into Pippa and Julia's childhood would complete the story even more.
I was expecting this book to have some odd supernatural things, but it did leave you with a sense of the story not being done, and the interpretation is quite open. Maybe a sequel?

I enjoyed this book quite a lot and it was a quick read. Also gorgeous, gorgeous cover