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Loved it

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Having learnt that this was the second book in a series, I of course had to buy the first book before reading this one. From the start of Defy the Stars, I was gripped. The characters, which only developed further in Defy the Worlds were compelling, mainly believeable and with an interesting relationship development between Abel and Noemi. Having read the first book, I was very keen to find out what would happen next in this story and Defy the Worlds did not disappoint.

There is the same fast-paced, emotionally-involving, well-developed plotline in a kind of dystopian future that you would find in say the likes of the Hunger Games or Divergent series but with added elements of sci-fi and space and cybernetics. I loved the moral questions that it left me pondering about what it really takes to be alive and what a soul is.

Noemi and Abel's relationship developed as they were in different parts of the universe and when they were reunited again. There were lots of the same characters from the first book popping up to provide a great supporting cast to the main characters.

The plotline had multiple twists and turns and although some were predictable, many of them were not. The cliffhanger ending left me on tenterhooks for the next installment and desperate to find out what would happen next.

Definitely enjoyable and worth reading.