Addictive as the first and packed with suspense

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For any of you who haven’t read Maestra, this series is about a lady named Judith who has reinvented herself multiple times to get away with murder, deceit and live a rich life of luxury.

You’re probably thinking ‘I despise her already’… and looking back on both stories I’m surprised I didn’t; she’s nasty, devious and mildly narcissistic but she’s also quick thinking, cunning and surprisingly sweet to those she truly loves.

Domina starts with Judith living in Venice running an art gallery, she’s managed to flee her past and out run the French detective who had her tied to multiple murders. Everything seems pretty good, so something has to go wrong surely? Doesn’t take long for the plot to turn darker, a secretive Russian man (Yermolov) has asked Elisabeth (Judith’s new alias) to value his art collection and has made a few subtle hints that he knows of Judith’s past. Trying to refuse the offer, leaves Judith’s tutor/friend Masha brutally murdered – message received… Judith must do what she’s best at – RUN AND HIDE.

Tied directly to the plot of the first, Judith must rediscover a piece of artwork she stole by accident and prove to the Russians that this stolen artwork isn’t worth millions – it’s in fact a fake. Her brilliantly active mind allows her to think three steps ahead and discover who the weak link is that has given away her identity. With her information in place, Judith is ready to commence her most complex game yet with Yermolov but can she win it?

I loved this book, it was as addictive as the first and packed with suspense. I must warn my fellow bookworms that this book is not for young people, there are ‘intimate’ scenes within the story that are graphically described and ‘a bit out there’ to put it mildly. I loved that this second instalment also flicked to Judith’s childhood, building the complexity and depth of the main character allowing the reader to fully understand how she has become the strong and independent woman she is today.