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Lacking connection

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I found the premise for this book very interesting, and after reading the first few chapters I was eager to know what would happen: both to Richard and how his disease would deteriorate; and in the relationship between Richard and Karina, and how these two situations would affect each other.

However, as the story progressed I felt that there was not enough connectivity between the characters. Although there is a lot of emotion in the book, this is largely contained within each character's own personal thoughts and isn't shared much between them.

The writing is good and the description of ALS and Richard's struggles are deeply moving, particularly as he comes to terms with issues in his life but can't share his feelings with those around him.

All in all, this was an interesting read for me in terms of thinking about those struggling with serious illness and the people around them, and how it can ultimately bring people together and destroy people at the same time. But to me this book was all about emotions and it didn't quite connect on the level I wanted.