Could not finish

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I could not finish this book. From the beginning I found the style lacking and the story was just a bit of a ramble. I’m usually a fast reader and I tried for three weeks to finish this book.

The dialogue between the characters was not enjoyable and not sincere. The characters themselves very uninteresting. I found it very hard to get invested in them or their narrative.

From the cover reviews I was expecting humour and wit. This novel I’m sorry to say did not deliver on this. Striking a comparison to Derry Girls could not be further from the truth.

The title “Good Eggs” implied that this story was going to follow good, salt of the earth people through a funny and comical narrative. It did not succeed. Each character as selfish and very self orientated.

I would love to be able to recommend this book to somebody but I would not know who would enjoy this.

A thumbs down for me.