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As a South Asian myself, this is such an exciting book. Hana was so likeable and relatable. The characters were written so vividly and it was interesting to hear Hana’s (the protagonist) thoughts regarding their personalities and motivations. The family dynamic was beautiful and heartwarming.

I think the book perfectly captures the difficulties and confusion of being a young adult, whilst also being a genuinely funny read. Whilst aptly exploring issues around race, religion, identity and family, it also provides an honest reflection of a 20 something figuring life out. The frank discussion around rejections, internships and that weird time after graduating were so relatable.

The mystery surrounding the ‘bot’ as well as the future of the main characters and the restaurant was gripping.

Highly recommend to all. This is exactly what I (and the publishing industry) needs more of. I’m so happy that teens nowadays can grow up seeing themselves in books and films and authentically represented.