It was amazing

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This book was genuinely amazing. I was in a pretty long reading slump when I bought this book and it brought me right out! The main character’s relatable personality and attitude was refreshing to see. However, the fact that she was a hijabi was what really made the book for me. I was finally given a character who I could relate closely to - her values and family relationships. The book was about Hana’s family restaurant that was slowly failing when another rival restaurant opened up across from them. This of course set their own business up for failure. However, what Hana did not know was that the owner of said rival restaurant was an anonymous friend she knew online. This friend listened to her podcast and supported her all the way through. It’s is the one stable and close friendship we see her having throughout the book. On the other hand the owner of the restaurant( Aydin ) is someone she cannot stand. The story goes on to explore this relationship and Hana’s broadcasting dreams.