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abusers and the crimes, there is also a short section where a sexual assault/rape is described, pertinent to the ongoing story, this is a hard hitting story that actually felt like an autobiography, not light hearted or an easy read for a lot of the book

Ria runs SAFE ME, a home for survivors of domestic abuse and their families and this book deals with the centre, with Ria’s life, some of the women and children who live there, funding issues, successes and failures and all with a running story around Ria’s past and her ex best friends life now, the book is written in 2 forms of chapters, 1 is Ria’s story telling, including her ongoing stalker and 2 . In diary form of her ex best friend who is enduring abuse currently ( and has in the past ), I am probably making it sound more complicated than it is as it works well and both stories meet up to make the ending!
I found Ria’s narrative almost like when a child takes a breath and goes full on, no full stops until what needs to have been said is said, a different style of writing but worked surprisingly well as it kept the book rapid and ever changing
The diary chapters were horrifying and emotive but very well written, a cold calculating abuser’s victims words that chilled me
The characters are earthy and real and no pretence given, what you see is what you get
Very hard to say enjoyed the book, its based on real life experiences ( as told in the authors acknowledgments ) and its certainly not a feel good book, but then its not meant to be and on that point for doing what it is meant to do it achieves its goal
Thought provoking, not perfect but one I wont forget, for that it has to be