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Started strong, but couldn’t sustain it.

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I found that I enjoyed this book less and less as it went on. At the start it was absorbing and I was thoroughly enjoying it. Unfortunately, it became repetitive and I was left feeling like there were a good 100 pages of filler thrown in that were probably well intentioned but I just wanted the author to get on with it.

The idea is a good one and the novel definitely deals with the topic of domestic abuse in a strong way. However, I felt like it only paid lip service to the terror felt by the victims and that they were there only as a platform to showcase how incredible Ria is. As we learn more about her past I hate to admit it but I did find myself thinking "yes, and..." Being completely honest I feel like I would have enjoyed it more had the story focused on one of the women Ria was helping, and not Ria herself. They were the ones that captivated me.