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gripping to the final page

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This is a gripping story with a plot consisting of several threads which eventually reconcile so it is finally clear which parts relate to one another. However, there are still loose ends and separate characters so there isn't that too-neat resolution which can feel unrealistic. Although I had managed to put the pieces together more or less correctly I could not put the book down till this was confirmed and even then I was held by a tense situation right to the final page.

The writing is especially good when showing the different, and sometimes bizarre, traits of the characters, of whom there is a wide range and none are stereotypical. There are 9 preceding books in the series, none of which I have read, yet I was able to get up to speed on back stories and roles fairly easily. That takes a talented writer to achieve.

There are some trip-ups in the English version such as use of an incorrect word or name but these are not frequent enough to spoil the reading exerience.