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When I have initially read the first impression of this book I wasn't at first taken by it. However, I did think that it sounded somewhat interesting and maybe something that I would likely read and enjoy. However, it was not as good as I had expected it to be. It was quite difficult to get into to begin within which is usually at which point I would consider not reading any further. However, I stuck with it and it was an OK read. I did not feel like the characters were well developed which made it difficult to fully immerse myself into the book like I usually do.
It is possibly my least favourite book I have read this year and it really is disappointing as I did think would pick up and become a great book. However, I did like how it was written and it was very easy to read. I am not sure it would be something I picked up in the bookstore as I am not the biggest fan of the front cover. But what is not great for me, may be a very good and interesting read for another.