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This is a lovely contemporary romance that is more focused on the relationship of the two sisters 'Tina and Lottie'. The death of their third sister had caused them to drift apart so they go on holiday to scatter her ashes together and reconnect. I found that I really enjoyed the sisterly relationship between the two. How different they were from each other but then also very similar. I read most of the book in one day because I really enjoyed the storyline and I needed to know what happened. Reiss' imagery was amazing throughout and I enjoyed learning that the story was inspired by a trip Reiss and her sister took together. It felt like Frozen in a world of Disney Princesses.

This book did have a happy ending (which wouldn't actually happen in real life) but it was what I wanted to happen. I wanted the sisters to end up happy. Spike who joined the women on the road trip was a great addition to the trip and I really loved how each character was real and flawed. I liked that the two sisters were British because it made them more relatable for me. It was funny and emotional and sometimes serious which overall created a brilliant light read.