A Memoir of Joy

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At first glance, you don't realise completely that this is a memoir. One picks it up and almost expects perhaps a cute murder mystery, or in the very least a guide-book on how to love and appreciate dogs the way they deserve.

So I picked this up not really knowing what I was getting in to. I admit I'm not the biggest memoir fan, and I certainly don't trip head-over-heels over anything to do with London. Dogs on the other hand... A dog on the cover is worth more than any amount of 5-star reviews.

It is a heart-warming, joyful read that brings laughter, tears and a warm glow with every page turn. After getting over the initial shock of it being a memoir (but a very well-told and witty one at that), you settle in to something that reads like a wonderfully smooth story that just so happens to be true.

If you're not a dog owner it can be quite the stark introduction to what is a world of pampered pooches and delightfully uptight dog-owners, which is probably as close to the truth as you will ever find. It's a lovely read, tinged with occasional sadness as any real-life is, and there are plenty of dogs to meet and greet along the way.