Every child is a hero

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This is a light hearted read about a young boy who decides to count to a million during the Covid 19 Lockdown in the global pandemic.

8 year old Max Cromwell, like other children, tries to get along in the best way he can despite having to deal with the impact of Covid 19, the Lockdown and isolation.

The author has written this in a first person narrative but it reads like a dairy account and it is a child's perspective. There are black and white doodle of numbers and birds on some of the sides of the pages. However, the front cover is bright, colourful and bold featuring the main character.

I absolutely loved reading this book. I also think a younger reader will benefit from reading it because it is written in a childlike manner from the viewpoint of a child dealing with Covid 19. The character is ver relatable.

The Covid 19 pandemic is an issue that affected us all and different people dealt with it in different ways. Children were the ones that had to deal with this huge issue that was even hard for us adults.