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I am a huge fan of C.L. Taylor & as always this book did not disappoint. I think it is my new favourite.
So Anna escapes to work in a hotel on the Isle of rum, as she has a secret she wants to forget, thinking its far enough away that no one will know her. She thinks she's safe!!
However 7 guests arrive where we get to find a little bit of each & that they are all hiding secrets!

The weather takes a nasty turn so the police cannot get to them & they are cut off from the mainland.

The killer one of the 7, knows her secret & wants revenge. However the guests themselves aren't safe either as 1 by one they are getting murdered, but why? And by whom? Even sticking together isn't keeping them safe!!

It's packed with twists & turns.

This is fast paced & had me on the edge of my seat. I don't normally binge read a book, but this one I did!
I'd highly recommend to anyone to give C.L. Taylor a go. This will have you hooked!!