True crime is always a shocker

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I always find it difficult to rate a book that someone has written about their experience(s) in life because unless it's been poorly written, it's someone's soul laid bare!
This book drew me straight in from the off, and I felt so many different emotions towards the con man and for Carolyn, as I was reading.
One thing that did spring to mind whist reading this book was, if you didn't know it was a true crime story, you could easily believe that it is a work of fiction because some of what you read makes you think "what on earth!" However, having grown up with narcassistic 'family' members and having been trapped with, not in a relationship because people in relationships don't treat others how narcassists do, I totally emphasised and understood how Carolyn was sucked into the con mans fantasy world. Though he is a psychopath, he has narcassistic traits and operated like a narc does.