Didn't disappoint

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The story explores the life of Nisha, who has gone missing. Told through the perspectives of her employer and lover Yiannis. I really enjoyed the way we learnt more about these two characters as the story evolved, and my feelings for both changed throughout.

Christy Lefteri certainly has a powerful and emotional way with words and this was needed as the book included some raw and honest themes.

As with her first book, The Beekeper of Aleppo, Songbirds has left me thinking about it for days. Opening my eyes to other lives and cultures and real life events I was a little ignorant of. Reading the authors letter at the end is a must, and certainly answered some of my questions.

Such a powerful book with a truly captivating stoyline and plot that i would really recommend others to read. It will entertain, engage you and educate you as a reader.