Love it!

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(First impression)

I absolutely love reading historical fiction, it is my favourite genre!! This is definitely a book that I would read, the concept intrigues me. The first thing I noticed about this book was the magnificent cover, it reels you in and gives the viewer a sense of mystery. I also really love the title.

I would love to see how their love blossoms amidst a terrible war as it must take a lot to lose yourself and forget about it, given the size of the conflict. I really want to see what happens to Stella in the end, hopefully she gets to live

I am also a sucker for romance so I would love to see what makes them so in love, I am excited to see how they interact and how they deal with Stella's secret.

I am definitely going to buy this book in the future, I am too enticed not to!! I am sure that I will not be disappointed, the blurb helped build up suspense.