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Although I'm an avid reader of the Nazi Germany period and admittedly am keen to read any book relating to this period I can get my hands on I was mostly expecting a typical love story. I was pleasantly surprised to find a tale of lies and deception within the war period.

The author did really well to set the scene and writing style was a bit like a diary, although each chapter gives an over view of the wider history of that month/year - I thought this was a great addition to the book.

I really enjoyed the book and as the title of the review shows - I read it all in one go I just couldn't put it down! I found myself really invested in the story although at times I felt rather disconnected to Tristan's character, but felt this was purposeful by the author to follow the story line.

The story for me offered a unique insight into the war period and although fiction, gave a different perspective which I'm always looking for due to the abundance of stories already out about this time period.

I have since went on to do further research into Stella Goldschlag and what happened to her during and and after the war period.