A Very Important Book

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Long story short, go and read this book.

This is a book about cancer. But it's also not a book about cancer.
Its a book about how life keeps moving and the world keeps spinning even when it feels like everything you've ever known has been ripped out from underneath you.
I'm going to admit, this one hit me really hard. My own dad got diagnosed a few years ago and just like Keiras kids, I had no idea how to respond to it beyond dismay. Thankfully, he's through the other side now, but so many parts of this book, brought back memories of our experiences as a family.
Possibly my favourite part of this book is how, after a while, I cared about Keira in that I didn't just want her breast cancer gone, I wanted the other things she was struggling with to resolve themselves as well. Her worries (whilst in some cases exaggerated) are poignant and heart wrenching and the responses of her family and friends feel all too real.

There were parts of this book, I had to close the pages and wipe my eyes because tears were blurring the words but I found it so endearing I picked it straight back up again and finished it all in less than two days.

But yes, this is a book about cancer. But it's also a book about a person and that's the most important part.