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It's not often I tell people that they need to read a book, but this was an exception. I could not stop raving about it! Even my mum read it and loved it!

Keira is reminiscing on how perfect her life is, unaware that a couple of months later she will have to go through the biggest shock of her life. After being diagnosed with cancer, Keira has to learn how to cope with her new life situation and how to deal with people treating her like an invalid, whilst still trying to manage her business and look after her children.

The book revolves around a new found love for running. I am also a new runner and found myself connecting to this book in a way I didn't expect.

This book is full of it all - romance, unexpected friendships, drama, magical highs and gutting lows. Josie Lloyd takes us on a magical journey. I laughed and I cried. A brilliant book all round!