Enjoyable Light Read

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The Cornish Captive by Nicola Pryce is an enjoyable light read set in Cornwall like her previous books.
Madeleine is falsely imprisoned in a madhouse in 1800, she has been there for 14 years since her husband died. However a man sent by her brother comes to release her and they voyage in disguise back to where she was living.
On the journey she meets a French prisoner traveling to the same place, she is unsure of this man, however feels drawn to him.
Back in Fosse, Cornwall and still in disguise Madeleine sets out to find evidence on the man who killed her husband and why. Helped by a wide range of characters all with different reasons for helping her.
Why are the 2 men helping her and who can she trust?
Madeleine's story is set against the backdrop of the French revolution and the war with Britain. I'm afraid to say parts of this story I did not fully understand but it did not detract me from enjoying the novel.
I enjoyed the characters in the novel and would recommend for anyone looking for a light read.