A look at Witchcraft... or not?

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I was a little unsure of what I thought of this book almost the entire time I was reading it. It took me until maybe the last 60 pages before I really found myself fully immersed and wanting to keep turning each page.
All in all, it's a satisfying read.
The characters feel well fleshed out, especially the two main girls Fleetwood and Alice, and the premise is reasonable as well, with the 'witchcraft' seeming to fit seamlessly into the world.
The book is well written, and I really felt for the plight that Fleetwood found herself in for most of the plot, which made me both relieved and a little frustrated by the ending. Fleetwood really seems to grow with the novel, becoming bolder and more willing to pursue her own ideals and morals as it progresses which I think helped engage me more and more as the story moved towards its climax.
Generally, it's a nice exploration into the time and the world with enough ambiguity around the witchcraft that it's down to the reader to decide if there really was a little magic helping the girls along or not.