Unbelievably Heartfelt

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Absolutely loved this! Eileen knows how to pull on your heart strings that's for sure.

It starts off with the birth of Victoria Cameron and is the story of how she grows up with only her mother and grandfather. After the death of her grandfather, Victoria and her mother have to move out of their beloved farm house to the grandfathers will still stating that the land goes to his only son.

They go through turmoil as they move into an uninhabitable building, with no money and no food. Through sheer determination and the help of some wonderful life long friends they turn it all around.

Victoria gets herself a job and her mother takes in boarders to help bring in the money. Through her job she travels to India, meets a young man and eventually gets married herself. Her father meets his own fate as deserved.

This story moved me beyond words. Makes you grateful for what you have seeing the struggles that people did and do go through day in day out.

Eileen Ramsay is an author I would definitely like to follow.