Nice Twin Nasty Twin

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This was thoroughly enjoyable. Twin sisters, Iris and Summer, alike as they are beautiful lead very different lives. Summer is happily married to Adam, a marriage that appears happy to all and Iris can't help but be envious. Her life is so very different and though she loves her sister she sometimes feels she deserves a better life. After Iris is called to assist in sailing the family yacht to the Seychelles her life changes. She makes a further decision, but this is also where things fall apart All this is set against the background of the Carmichael fortune, to be inherited by the first birth by one of the descendants.

At times it all seems a little unlikely but Carlyle is a clever writer, and for a debut novel this was excellent. When you get to the end the sudden twist right there makes you re-read it as it's a real surprise. But then you think back and become aware the clues where there. An author worth keeping an eye out for.