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This is a mystery novel that plays In a Highschool. The girls and boys seem perfect, those who aren’t, are outsiders but of course everyone wants to be a part of the popular girls. The question is how far will they go to archive that? When ambrosia first goes to the new Highschool, she is fascinated by how perfect and nice everyone is. What starts as admiration turns into an unhealthy but also dangerous obsession. The first pages were exciting, but I think the book will get by far more mysterious and thrilling. It is a mix between „gossip Girl“ and „pretty little liars“. The cover also reflects the storyline and the secrets the girls have. What they hide behind their perfect masks.
Also the „now“ and „then“ perspective is very good, because it gives you a hint about what the People, mainly the maincharacter, became afterwards, although it can be quite confusing.