Best of the series

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This book, in my opinion, is the best one of the series. However, it does deal with trickier and deeper topics than the previous two. As in, it reads less like a rom-com. That being said, similar themes are also explored, such as being neurodivergent and cultural identity.

We follow the story of Anna Sun and Quan Diep, and how their casual relationship develops into something more. We see vulnerable sides to each character, and Hoang writes the chemistry really well. In general, I would say Hoang's writing has improved with each book, particularly when it comes to writing more intimate scenes. The intimacy in this book felt less forced than in the first two, more natural and realistic.

I would have liked more explanation as to Anna's former relationship, as there were not many details, and it seemed as though it all fell through overnight with no real build-up.