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Okay when i started this book I loved it so much that I thought i would give it 5 stars. However I have only given it 4 stars because for me personally, I struggled through some of it - there are a few trigger warnings for this book.

I loved having an autistic main character and it was so heartbreaking to read about her struggles. I loved Anna, she was a wonderful main character and QUAN omg was the perfect love interest ever. It did feel a bit insta lovey I'm not gonna lie but it was still cute and i loved their relationship.

but god I hated anna's family and other characters like her ex. It made me want to pull my hair out and actually ruined a bit of the book for me. Also i felt like there was too much sadness and not enough romance, which is just personal preference.

however, overall I really liked this, I loved anna and quan and their relationship sm.