I loved this book!

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Well where do I start with this review? To be honest, I’m still getting over the emotional end to The Heart Principle and I’m a little bit lost on how best to portray the way this book touched me. I was genuinely moved by this story and the difficulties experienced by the characters, and fundamentally the author herself who shared that this story is a work of fiction but also half-memoir.

I’m not on the autistic spectrum and I’m not creative in any way but Anna’s struggles really resonated with me. I understood the pressure to conform and to meet the high expectations placed on her. Something that I think will resonate with a lot of people in many different ways.

If you’re a fan of Helen’s first two books then I think it’s fair to say this one is a little different to those and may not tick all of the same boxes but for me, it still had the same tone and feel (despite the change from third to first person). It still had fantastic writing and brilliant characters.

I adored Anna and Quan’s chemistry. They felt perfect for each other from the beginning but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have hurdles to overcome. I loved how they both allowed each other to be who they were and were willing to accept each other’s quirks. They both had their insecurities and instead of hiding them away, they were able to embrace and overcome them.

If you can’t already tell from reading my review… I LOVED THIS BOOK!
Could it have had more romantic scenes between Anna and Quan - absolutely. Do I care that it didn’t - absolutely not! Highly recommended ❤️

Trigger warnings: grief, loss of a parent, cancer, manipulation, descriptions of caring for an ill loved one