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"I've tucked his i love you into my heart, where i can carry it forever, safe and treasured."

This book is a contemporary romance about a burned out violinist (Anna )and a mysterious biker turned clothing business owner (Quan) as they grow closer and better together. They have both come off of a rough year in their personal lives and are looking for a hookup up but end up finding much more than they bargained for.
What can I even say?? Helen Hoang has done it again! She is the master of brilliant characters, loveable couples and outstanding drama. This book is less romcom than it predecessors but just as brilliantly crafted with my favourite couple of hers. I adored Anna's growth throughout the novel and admired the move in the second half of the book to allow the romance to take the back seat a little as Anna did what she had to do to grow in herself, and it was so fun seeing glimpses of characters form the other novels throughout this one.