Perfect for escaping reality in the sweetest of ways

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When I need to think about something else than my life and personal problems, Helen Hoang delivers. Her books fill me with peace and happiness, and I learn so much from them in little ways.

As usual, I loved the cast. The main characters are so sweet, but not too much as to not feel realistic. (Also, series that focus on different characters from a family are one of my favorite "tropes" (it's not a trope but I don't know how to qualify it, bear with me).)

The story is lovely, and I was rooting for the couple all along. I like how they don't take 2k pages to get together. It's a romance book, we know from the start they're going to have a relationship, and we don't have to wait through a painful slowburn to see them coming together. Thank you Helen Hoang.

(The reason why this book is written in first person is because the female lead is the character Helen Hoang relates to the most, and for some reason that made me all "awww" and "oohhh".)