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I loved this book! I wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much, as I didn't think a great deal of the synopsis.. however, I very quickly found myself hooked and couldn't put it down.

I loved the character development of Anna, and learning about her difficulties with her music, therapy and relationships with her family, and how she connects with Quan in a way that she hasn't felt previously. I loved the sex scenes (!), and Quan is made out to be such a genuine character and personality from the offset. Although the book definitely has light moments, I like the fact that Helen Hoang has included some difficult life situations (e.g. dealing with an autism diagnosis, family, cancer etc). The writing style was easy to follow, and I enjoyed the chapters switching between Anna and Quan.

I didn't realise the book was part of a series, and I have not (yet) read any of Helen Hoang's previous novels, but I am definitely interested after reading this one!