the heart principle

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My first initial thought when receiving the book was how beautiful the cover was, the cover features a interesting looking character and it instantly made me want to find out about her.
Within reading the first chapter I was already hooked and wanted to see how the story would progress and change.
It's a light hearted calm read of romance, and I found myself wanting to read on instead of putting it down. I was instantly dragged into a makeshift world of the characters, digging deeper with every chapter.
The book didn't drag at all and there was never a moment when boredom overtook me.
This was my first book by Helen Hoang and I admit I'm quite picky when it comes to books.. but I loved the style of writing and found it to be an easy quick read as it flowed smoothly. I'll definitely be looking into more of her other books!
I highly recommend anyone to give this book a go!