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There’s no denying that “The Last Snow” is an beautifully atmospheric and incredibly detailed Scandi suspense noir. Stina Jackson is the author of “The Silver Road” - which I also enjoyed and “The Last Snow” is her latest novel. It is perfect for fans of dark, Scandi suspense who prefer a slow boil, simmering thriller.
Set in northernmost Sweden, in an isolated Lapland village forest, eighty year old Vidar Bjorland lives with his daughter Liv and her seventeen year old son Simon. The story is told through the voices of Liv and Liam Lilja who is a local drug dealer with his unlikeable brother Gabriel. Liv is dominated by her reclusive father and is obviously troubled. A peculiar family, they are the village gossip and rumour has it Vidar is sitting on a fortune whilst living in a derelict and rundown existence. Having possibly made his money from questionable business decisions and making many enemies along the way, have the people he’s wronged, want what is rightfully theirs back? Single dad Liam and his brother Gabriel sell drugs and has a desire to build a life for him and his daughter away from criminal activities and his brother’s bullying behaviour. Told in alternating timelines between Liv’s youth and the present, it was at times a little confusing but after a while you become accustomed to the layout. This is a slow burn story that without doubt focuses on flawed characters, most are unlikeable but are very well portrayed. I particularly respected Liv’s honesty at her feelings for her father and her life and my heart went out to her and her unhappy existence.
At times chilling, constantly dark and with an ending that surprised me, “The Last Snow” is a decent read and I will happily read more by this author again in the future.

3 stars