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The preview has very much hooked me in. I absolutely love it. I am so fascinated to find out where the story leads too, and to gain more of an insight in the characters. It is written so well to the point where ur anticipating the plot and already correlating what may go wrong. It’s completely mesmerising the way the author writes. It usually takes a few days for me to get into these books, but this book is so hooking from the start that i just want to read the rest of the book. It’s filled with great in depth of analysis of not only the scene that’s depicted but also the characters that have been introduced to the readers, making us feel somewhat connected to them.
The story is depicted in such detail, using brilliant descriptions of each scene allowing the reader to imagine what is going on, creating a very detailed imagine in our heads. It is also easy to follow. Considering this is only the preview, i am anticipating on how amazing the rest of the book may be!! I’m not entirely sure what else to say apart from the fact that this really does open your eyes to new perspectives and really draws you in and let’s you feel like you are actually there, feeling those things described and it is such a great feeling!!!
Definitely recommend this :)