A Confusing Style

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I'm unsure how I feel about this book. Reading the first impression extract, I found myself feeling like I was reading at my usual fairly fast pace. Yet I made very little actual progress. It took me far longer to read the extract than it usually would and I felt a little bigger down by the style of the writing. That being said, the writing is successful in its intent of painting a picture for the reader to understand and to build upon. For me, it tends to get a little caught in details that seem unimportant but maybe they become important further in the book and I simply haven't read far enough.
The characters, so far, are children and yet seem to act in ways that are the opposite of that of a child. Augusta is odd in a similar way to Matilda in that she seems too intelligent and too contrary for a normal child. I wouldn't say Augusta is immediately likeable or relatable being as she's trying to as different from the norm as possible. The other point of view comes from Parfait which is far more pitiable but we also know far less about.
For me, the book feels a little like it's trying to be too complicated for my taste personally. But having read so little it is difficult to tell.