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I really wanted to read this book as it sounded right up my street, unfortunately it turned out not to be for me. I really try to read the whole story of any book that I start but sadly even though I did read most of it I gave up with it before I got to the end. To start with I got into the story and was enjoying it, then I don't know why but to me it got a bit confusing. The story is sort of mixed up with a fantasy type story and as I am really not keen on fantasy reads, I think this put me off quite a bit. I found when it went into the fantasy story, I sort of lost where I was.

The book is about Emma Bridges, who gets shot by a work colleague and then is unable to find her. She knows her colleague, Jenny, has some or her research work and she wants it back, so she sets out on a journey to find her and her work.

Now I am sure that for some people they will find this book thrilling, I guess it is just one of those that some totally love and others don't.