Fab, dark but engaging

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So I have heard of this book before a lot on social media and most of the readers are absolutely fascinated by the book. The first thing I noticed about it was how intriguing the cover of the book is, it is automatically enthralling before I even read the first few chapters. The blurb explained the concept of the book with just enough detail to make me want to read the start of it. Emma seems like she's had a dark past and as if there's a lot more that needs to be revealed and I just cannot wait to find out more. I must admit partway through I was able to stop reading for a bit but when I came back to the storyline I remembered exactly where I left off and fell straight back into the gist of things instantly. Would I buy this book? Probably. Would I recommend this book to my friends? Potentially, depending on whether the writing stays as fast-paced and fascinating.