I didnt enjoy it

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I was initially intrigued by this book and honestly thought I would thoroughly enjoy it. I think it would appeal to some people, however I found the characters confusing and by the time I had finished reading the book, I had completely forgotten the plot.

Notwithstanding, I think anyone who enjoys a crime novel would make something out of it. It just wasnt for me.

I would still try and read some of the authors other books just to give them a whirl.

There are some fantasy elements in story line and again this might appeal to a wider audience.

Sorry my review is not terribly exciting but alas I cant really think of much else to say as it was sadly a bit on the boring side.

Dont take my word for it though. Its not my usual genre and it would be unfair to criticise this book too much.

There are many plots in this book and although the ending is pretty good, its not for me.