Not my type of story but well written

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This was not my type of story. However, I found it was extremely well written and created the necessary atmosphere and character traits necessary for this type of novel that hinges around Fighting Fantasy and Dungeons and Dragons genre.

The main character Erma right from the start displayed a lot of aggression in both, thoughts and action. It is not until the end that you find out why that is the case but it is enough to keep you interested and reading.

The part I found difficult to adjust was the part that went into a fighting fantasy style where you chose an action and then jumped pages. This would have been where I probably have given up but as it was so close to the end I decided to continue.

The shame thing about this was that I won a copy of the book from my first review and it didn't arrive until after the publishing date.

On the whole if you like Fighting Fantasy books you will probably enjoy this one.