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This truly is one of the best books I’ve ever read.

The story of how they find each other in the darkest of days is unbelievable.

I am so disgusted that today’s generation take everything for granted & will never be able to understand the hardship that these people suffered during these times.

Simply heartbreaking & emotional but with a very happy ending.

The way they found each other once they are free is incredible. Now we just pick up a phone & we can speak to anyone, anywhere and that is a luxury everybody takes for granted.

Lale & Gita are so very fortunate I like so many that didn’t & there are many untold stories like this that are waiting to be shared with us all.
Much like the story or Cilka which I will be reading next.

This book is truly inspiring & I will be sharing it with as many people I can to make more people aware of the lives that were lived during this horrific period.