Incredibly immersive

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Although I only read the first three chapters, I found this book incredibly immersive.
The descriptions are very vivid and the sense of place very gothic and dark. I felt transported into the school, smelling the same smells as the characters and walking through the same shadowy corridors.
The structure is interesting and already good at building tension, with the narrator seeming slightly detached and reflecting back on the time in the school, before, and after.
There hasn't been too much insight into the characters yet, but it is interesting hearing the narrative of Louisa building the story, and introducing other characters around her.
Psychologically her character is interesting because even though she is clearly highly intelligent she is 'damaged' by her parents' relationship (and divorce) and presumably the details of what happens between her, Victoria, and the teacher.
The dramatic opening in relation to Victoria's death is highly intriguing and I'd love to read more of this book.