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Oh my god!

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This book is the sequel to The Cruel Prince, centering around the main character Jude and set in the world of Elfhame. I really really enjoyed this book, and love the world that Holly Black has created, especially as seems to touch every sense.

It wasn't a difficult read and the language flowed easily. I will admit that sometimes with Holly Black's books it takes me a little while to get into them, but this was not the case with this book and I ended up reading it in one day.

I love the depth of all of the characters, especially Jude and her ambition. Cardan is honestly simply divine, even with all their faults; their faults are one of the best things about them.

Some of the plot flow did confuse me, there were some things which happened that I don't understand how they fitted into the over arching plot, but hopefully this will be cleared up in the sequel.