Perfect sequel!!!

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Omg!! Ok. This book is so good i dont know where to start.
The characters are one of my favourite parts of the book. Jude is so badass and brave and just amazing to read about. She works so hard for what she wants and i feel that this was a great change from the overused 'chosen one' trope in many other ya fantasy books.
Then we have Cardan. I cant even begin to explain how phenomenal he is. I HATE him and LOVE him at the same time.
Not to mention, their romance is just agonizing(in a good way). It's SO SO SO SLOW BURN though. However, i feel as if that makes it ten times more angsty.
There is one thing i wish i had been told before reading this books and thats that its NOT as steamy as everyone is making itnout to be. I feel as though it's perfectly suitable for 13+ readers.

Now onto the plot, there are SO many twists and turns. Its an emotional rollercoaster. One minute your crying. The next your screaming.

Overall, AMAZING. Go read it!!!