Funny and really really Royal!

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This was a such a fun and really differently refreshingly book, I love a good mystery novel and have read many many different detectives, but I have never read a book that makes Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll the detective!
Of course being the Queen of England and her robust schedule, she has to rely on her personal secretary to go out and about with clues and to find out information that was put forward by the queen.
I really liked the interaction between herself and Prince Philip, with thier pet names etc
This is book one, I know there is going to be another one, as there is a snippet of the second book at the back of this one.
This book is a great debut novel.

The Queen has just hosted a dine and stay event, where you enjoy the hospitality of the monarch and they you stay over for the night and after breakfast you leave, hopefully having enjoyed your evening, on this occasion a Russian Pianist is found dead in a wardrobe, with a tie around his neck.
We follow the PA and HM and they piece by piece put all the jigsaw pictures together.

This is escapism reading and it left me wanting to be invited to said overnight events, however, i shall not be entering any wardrobes!